MCS Career Camp

MCS Career Camp

Summer MCS Career Camp offers an exciting programme for school kids from 12 till 16 years old. It will give an opportunity to try oneself in different professions from IT to Stand-up. Every day our professional teachers will discuss different business processes from all points of view: EQ and soft skills, business presentations and pitches, meetings and debates, problem solving and decision making in challenging situations. MCS Career Camp – It’s a fun and interesting time in the English speaking environment with lots of new friends!

MCS Career Camp offers

  • English speaking environment
    Both teachers and students speak in English during the whole day.
  • Master classes
    Development of skills needed for being successful, ability to dive into a new profession
  • Meeting outstanding people from different career paths
  • Sport activity in beautiful Moscow parks

  • Classes based on the MCS School standard are held inside beautiful historical mansions in the centre of Moscow

  • 5 healthy meals a day


Development of emotional intelligence

Public speaking skills

Team work and Individual tasks

Systemic approach towards information and skill of the process optimization

Chance to try yourself in different career fields

Knowledge of the full business cycle

Price for a week 32 500 Rub

Our Day

Week Schedule

05.06 - 09.06

We will explore some of the many areas where knowledge of IT can be applied.
How to optimize and manage the process? How does an IT department operate? How to be more efficient and keep up with Business demand?
Together with technical skills we will use our analytical abilities, design awareness and boost our managerial capabilities.

13.06 - 16.06

Cutting-edge technologies, sustainable materials, globalisation at its complete sense. From each individual to the state and the whole globe level and back.
How can we raise ecological awareness and go green?

19.06 - 23.06

From profile description to a successful videoblog.
How to communicate with the audience? How to create content and be consistent? How to make money online?

We’ll learn to do lighting for photography, study composition, create our own accounts and aim for stars!

26.06 - 30.06

Is being a chef a creative process or high precision and technique is all it takes? Does competition eliminate art?
How to chop faster and make the best crust? How to be courageous and responsible and form a recipe?

We will try and create a concept, elaborate a menu, make a business project and a content plan to promote our brand.
From scratch to a yummy business!

03.07 - 07.07

It all starts with a swan-shaped towels. Or with a tiny sticker note on a coffee cup that makes one’s day.
A business where every single detail matters.
We will study standards and ways to implement client- oriented service, promotion and increasing profitability techniques.
We will create a concept, elaborate an executive plan and present our business idea to the investors.

10.07 - 14.07

What does a road from a raw idea to a well-elaborated game look like?
Being creative and up-to-date, master and implement new technologies, think through architecture and design solutions, work on characters, deeply understand target audience – game developer does it all.
Let’s bring pixels to life and open up worlds together!

17.07 - 21.07

All talks to us – billboards, movies, internet, TV, radio, print. Daily industry fulfils the ever-increasing demand for entertainment and information globally.
We’ll study markets, cultures, languages and consumer segments.
We’ll create our own projects! What would you choose? Being catchy and contemporary or being out of time? Would you stick to bright headlines or go with the whispering voice of elite culture?

24.07 - 28.07

Experimenting with polar different concepts and approaches to learning process. Getting to know teaching methodologies and techniques. We will conduct strategy sessions, workshops and laboratories.

We will formulate, elaborate and advertise our very own educational project, and almost bring it to life!

31.07 - 04.08

Art brings people and ideas together.
What does it take to establish and develop a conceptual, unique and creative space? Or an Art object? Be both authentic and up-to-date? Combining social studies, philosophy, technologies, managemental and leader skills we’ll learn to follow our own interest and predict trends.

07.08 - 11.08

What does a comfortable urban environment look like?
What can you say looking at a subway map? At the navigation signs around the city?
Covering all the possible aspects of urban life from the perspective of localization we’ll try and design urban processes and take part in a project workshop on a complex city landscaping.

14.08 - 18.08

Science makes rockets fly, medicine be effective,
intercontinental calls possible and quick.
We will analyse and reason our researches, try and work “in field”, understand how does a real lab work.
For those dreaming of a white lab coat and of the bold ideas coming true.

21.08 - 25.08

What makes a good PR?
Deep understanding of the product and target audience.
Working on cases and promotion. Collaborations, newsbreaks, epic releases, viral advertising, information channels.
We’ll try all this and more!




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