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18.07 - 22.07

Learning from the great architects of the past and the present we will design and model our own buildings. We will try our hand at technical drawing and 3D computer modelling. What makes a good space for life and work?

11.07 - 15.07

From the famous designers of the past into the fashion trends of the future. Exploring fabrics and décor, patterns and colours as well as rules for making a seasonal fashion collection and presenting it on the catwalk – all of this will help us get the hang of fashion business.

08.08 - 12.08

Using our sense of humour to make the world a better place is the goal of comedy. Based on personal charisma, confidence, communication skills and control of body language comedy gives you a chance to shine and make people laugh.

06.06 - 10.06

We will learn to balance personal finance, savings and credit as well as look into business planning and budgeting. We will decide whether we need a debit or a credit card and how to get cryptocurrency or NFT. An overview of the stock market will be useful for those who feel like investing in stocks and shares.
For those exploring careers in Finance.

22.08 - 26.08

We will explore some of the many areas where knowledge of IT can be applied – from cybersecurity to game design. Together with technical skills we will use our analytical abilities, design awareness and storytelling.

14.06 - 17.06

We love writing our thoughts and ideas – this is a chance to publish your own magazine or newspaper – investigate and illustrate your stories and articles, learn to touch type and edit. Special skills we need are story telling and calligraphy.



15.08 - 19.08

What does it take to be a lawyer? Knowledge of the laws, confidence, rhetorical and debate skills, emotional intelligence – all of this help you relate to your client and represent their position convincingly.

01.08 - 05.08

Designing and making new things is what makes the economy grow. Conducting market research and organising production and sales of new items. We will make our prototypes and package them in our branded packaging.

27.06 - 01.07

What is the future of Medicine? How to prepare to help people and take care of your own health? How are new medicines developed? What were medicines like in the past?
How is human anatomy different from animals? What qualities do you need to be a doctor or a veterinarian?

04.07 - 08.07

We will discuss our favourite movies and what makes them great. Learning about well-known film directors will help us make our own short movie with movie-editing, special effects, lighting and acting.

25.07 - 29.07

We lead people. We inspire people. We solve problems. Politics requires integrity, conviction, confidence and communication skills. Knowledge of Geography will help us navigate the world of international politics.

20.06 - 24.06

What new jobs are appearing due to growing space exploration? What would life on Mars or the Moon be like? What skills or education can take you to space? How does space provide an environment for scientific research and innovation?