Even if you are not yet studying at @MCS_British_School , after the lessons at your school you can come to us for an ENGLISH AFTERSCHOOL programme
English Afterschool (for children 7-12 years old) is a specialized programme, organized on the basis of the International British School. What is included:
▫️outdoor games
▫️master classes
▫️interesting trips
▫️sports and music activities
▫️theatrical performances
▫️doing homework for school
Each child spends time with benefit, communicates with teachers and other children in English, so after a short period of time, he is already fluent in it, knows how to write and read correctly.
Our afterschool programme is a properly organized programme with breaks and rest so that the child does not get tired and can perfectly memorize and assimilate the knowledge gained.
Fee – from 65,000 rubles a month.