Check yourself, do you know everything about the first manned flight into space?
💫Gagarin’s flight lasted 108 minutes
💫His spaceship completed one revolution around the Earth.
💫He moved at a maximum altitude of 327 km
💫The launch was made at 9.07am Moscow time from the Baikonur cosmodrome, and at 10.55am the ship landed in the Saratov region
💫Gagarin’s call sign was “Cedar”
💫Gagarin ejected at an altitude of about 1.5 km
💫Everyone knows that before the start Gagarin said the famous “Poehali”. And here are his words after landing: “Having flown around the Earth in a satellite ship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, we will preserve and increase this beauty, and not destroy it”
Now children know much more about this important day in our history.