Forget about school, which is difficult to wake up to in the morning and you don’t want to go! This is not about @MCS_British_School
We are sure that education should not be boring, while remaining as effective as possible. How can this be achieved? Here are some ways the teacher can organize an interesting lesson:
Give clear examples from real life
For any topic, you can find a clear and simple example from the life of students – this way children will be clearer and more interesting
Respect the opinions of students
Children should not be afraid to express their opinion on the topic of the lesson, you need to give them the opportunity to ask questions
Create an atmosphere of kindness and fun
Children should come to class with the understanding that they will find support here, including on personal matters
Diversify lessons
The weather is fine today – take your lesson outside. Wrote a lot in the last lesson – have a discussion or an educational battle between students.