The main day of the outgoing year was on September 1 – this day is the birthday of our British school @MCS_British_School
The MAGIC CASTLE preschool education system, which includes 3 kindergartens and talent academies in Moscow, has been a recognized leader in its field for more than 10 years, in 2020 it reached a new level by opening a school with professional British and Russian education.

What has been done in the past 4 months:
▪️All our students have successfully completed the first trimester and started the second
▪️The level of English proficiency has increased significantly
▪️In addition to basic school education, dozens of additional classes were held aimed at personal growth
▪️We held several creative contests and a table tennis tournament
▪️Forbes published an article about our school in their November magazine and called us one of the leaders of Russian education.