Have you ever been to Skolkovo? I have never been! I am sure this is a world of innovation and technological progress.
This month (however, like all others in our school), children turn out to be as eventful as possible, especially those related to business education:
Children were able to spend pounds MCS, doing their BUSINESS PROJECTS, opening a cafe, hairdresser, jewellery salon
We had a FIELD TRIP to the Skolkovo Technopark and got acquainted with the innovative company Motoricans, which helps people with their technological prostheses
On Thursday, our school will host a BUSINESS MEETING with a special guest – Skolkovo Associate Professor Ivan Klimov
A special SCIENCE CLUB has opened, where children will learn everything about science, new research and technologies
I read and envy children)
How did you spend your first 3 school weeks?